Digital Marketing

We at Codematics have the expertise of working on how to use the web and digital space to achieve core business goals. From Business planning to deployment and marketing execution, Codematics is positioned to help organizations and start-ups with building effective online businesses. Our team blends best-practices with data-driven analysis to produce effective strategy for the web.

Our Web business strategy includes:

1. Analytics
2. Start-up Planning
3. Web Technology
4. Content Management
5. Digital Marketing Strategy
6. Design & User-Experience
7. Goal Setting & Reporting
8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Codematics Inc. we have a diverse team of experts who’re laser-focused to bring the best possible services from business planning, design, and development to performance marketing to broaden the reach and customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Marketing team efficiently leverages the expertise in local, national, and e-commerce SEO, PPC and SEM services, CRO, Social Media Marketing, Paid promotions, Trends and Design, Facebook and Google Ads, Email and SMS marketing, Content Strategy, Copywriting, and more.

We are primed to create and execute campaigns on multiple channels including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and Behance to bring social presence into prominence.