Game Development

Making and developing games from an idea to its functional stage is where all the fun lies. For our team, its more fascinating to make a game than playing it. Team Codematics has the expertise of developing mobile games in a number of domains. Our idea Gamifying Knowledge has been widely appreciated by a lot of people and we are working on to make this concept more engaging, entertaining and full of knowledge for kids.

Currently our team is working on Games in different domains and we will soon be launching some multi-player, fun packed and engaging games for our users worldwide.


Our game specialists with first-hand experience and priority to innovation, are on a mission to provide fair, enjoyable, and meaningful gaming experiences to players of all ages and abilities to create a positive impact at a global level.

We handle 2D/3D game design with outstanding visualization and responsive User Interface for multiple game genres and cross-platforms. Moreover, we’re known to have expanded our reach globally in crafting top-notch, realistic, and challenging games including Flicky chicky, Bomber warriors reloaded, 3D Car park underground, and more.