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Secure Camera (sCAM) is an app that is absolutely perfect for the privacy of your Gallery. The first secure camera App by Codematics of its kind which provides you perfect photo privacy and a secure gallery for the pictures you take from the phone. It makes you feel secure & comfortable about the photos you capture from your phone through it’s locked Gallery and cloud storage.

Features of sCAM – A Quick Look.

Let’s have a quick look at some exciting features that sCAM offers:

Secure Camera Pin Code – Best Security Option.

Go more safe comfortable in capturing pictures by selecting a pin code before starting your exciting experience with the Secure camera. This feature of password locked camera photo gallery is added to make your photos videos secure. Select a pin code & block access of others to your secure camera.

Create Folders & Start Capturing Snaps with Secure Camera.

You can now create separate folders for your friends, family and events with some exciting icons. There is also an option of default folder where your random pictures and selfies are saved. This will let you save all your selfies, pictures, and memories in different respective folders. You can later access your special day memories stored in different folders.

Cloud Storage.

Do you want your photos to be saved safely for a lifetime even if you change your phone or uninstall the App ??? If Yes, then you are installing the right App. The secure camera provides a backup which is supported by google drive. You take selfies, photos with your friends and family and directly upload them to yours google drive for lifetime safety and security.

Sharing Moments on Social Media.

The secure camera gives you an easy & exciting way of sharing all your moments within your social circles. Take selfies, group photos, clicks on special occasions, and share them on all your social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber and much more. It is so far the best option of sharing your pictures on social media to keep your friends updated about what you are up to.

Transferring Pictures from sCAM Gallery to Phone Gallery.

The personal camera has a secure gallery for saving your valuable photos. If you want to copy or share your pictures from “Secure Camera Gallery” to your phone gallery you can happily & easily do it, letting you more control of where to keep your pictures in a more secure way.

Access of Friends to Your Secure Camera.

Your friends can take pictures, selfies from your personal camera but they cannot access your personal gallery to view their photos. This is how you feel more secure even by letting others use your phone for clicking their selfies.

Install personal camera & start capturing your moments. Start Experiencing It !!!!

App Working.

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