How Blood Community is working across the country to fulfill blood supply for needy public.

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If we search out for some research reports of Welfare Organizations, Hospitals and Emergency centers in Pakistan. Their consequences are not much satisfactory as they should be. Especially if we pin point the most relevant issue, which is less number of Blood Donors in Pakistan as compare to its need. There is need of more than 1.6 million blood bags per year in Pakistan. While only 10-15% general public donates blood voluntarily. These less percentage of figures are alarming concern for those victims and their families searching for blood during emergency. Because people hesitate from donating blood due to lack of awareness and benefits of blood donation.

Blood Community:

Realizing the importance of Blood-Supply and lack of its availability. Blood Community Pakistan stepped forward in year 2017 with the aim of serving needy people of its country. This community connects Blood Donor and Blood Receiver directly with each other to fulfill blood requirements in emergency circumstances. Blood Community Pakistan works on creating awareness and motivation among the society to donate blood. Moreover this Community has made an user friendly application to cut out the distraction of time, distance and availability. People can search out for number of relevant donors near them through this application anywhere anytime. Blood Community is working on totally non-profit basis just for sake of helping humanity as Corporate-Social-Responsibility.

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How Blood Community Works:

So far more than 22,000 registered members are part of this social movement with us from all over the country. Their mandatory data is available on application for user who is searching out for required blood group. User can directly correlate with donor near him simply through a message or call. So in this regard more than 10,000 requests for need of blood has been fulfilled by Blood Community till now. While total of 16,000 requests have been received for blood arrangement. Other than that Blood Community has lead various interactive sessions, events and conferences country wide to spread transparency of our vision and mission among people. Connected Pakistan Conference, Tech Momentum Conference and various educational institutes has honored us to present our transparent motive in front of general public.

Blood Community Team:

Blood Community consists of most energetic, skillful and passionate team panel. There are 4 provincial leads of Blood Community under which 70 ambassadors are working in different cities, districts and towns of country. Team is working both in field and online media with proper flow of communication and dedicated team-work. This network of young heroes is smoothly holding the tasks and set of responsibility on priority basis given by Core Leads. They are truly an inspiration and valuable asset of Blood Community Platform.

Future Plan of Blood Community:

Blood Community passionate about expanding its services in other countries of world as well. Because there is need of more awareness and knowledge among the people towards blood donation and its importance. There is very less percentage of people who donate blood on regular basis. Saving someone’s life is most important than any other thing in world. Its beauty of humanity that we cooperate with each other on both social and moral perspective. I hope soon Blood Community would be in every country of world with message of saving lives and donating blood without any hesitation.