Human Nature relies on helping each other during the life saving moments. Blood Donation is one of the aspect among them.

Blood & Blood Donation:

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“The Red Liquid circulating in veins structure of human being and other living organisms is called Blood“. It provides oxygen to heart while removes quantity of waste elements in form of carbon dioxide. Life-Cycle of living creatures revolve around this whole mechanism. On the other hand “When a person voluntarily gives blood for transfusion process to other person in need is called Blood Donation“. Lab person stores that blood under proper observation for several testing procedures to make it completely compatible for transfusion. This is basically a social cause without any reward or profit in return & donor donates blood on his own will. But some organizations and blood-banks compensate donors for this act of kindness.

Statistical Measures:

With every passing minute, thousand of people who suffer from life threatening situation depends on blood supply to keep their breathes alive. During the emergency situations, there is demand of approximately 1.6 million blood bags in Pakistan annually. Meanwhile more than 5000 children are diagnose with Thalassemia-Major. But the dark side of these statistics is that there is only 10-20% ratio of donation by general public. Most of the times family members arrange donations on their own like from relatives and friends. So this analysis is clearly revealing the concern of how less there is number of people who donates blood on priority basis. There is need of more blood supply in comparison with its demand scale.

Awareness Campaign of Donating:

For spreading the importance of donating blood, awareness sessions and events should be conducted at every platform for motivating public towards life savior act. Because there is large number of people who still hesitate from donating blood due to lack of knowledge and awareness. General Public must be conscious about their social and moral responsibilities as a human being. Several Non-Governmental-Organizations and Social Institutes are working on this mission of serving humanity. But they need a proper track and support from government bodies to get a gainful outcome. It would not be wrong to say that saving one life is saving the whole humanity.

Blood Donation

Who can Donate Blood:

Before donating blood to someone, there is a medical criteria needs to be fulfilled by the person willing to donate.

  • Age of donor must vary between 18-45.
  • Weight scale of donor must be above 100 pounds.
  • Blood Pressure of donor must be stable according to range.
  • Physical Health of donor must be acceptable.
  • HIV/Hepatitis test of donor must be negative.
  • Last bleed period of donor must be more than 12 weeks.
  • Hemoglobin level of donor must be or more than 13.0g/dL.
  • Pregnant/Breastfeeding donor should avoid donating blood.
  • Drugs addictive persons should avoid donating blood.
  • Person suffering form any kind of major or minor disease should avoid donating blood.
  • Person with empty stomach should avoid donating blood.

Advantages of Blood Donation:

According to medical research there are countless benefits of donating blood. Following are major advantages

  • Giving blood on regular basis reduce symptoms of heart attack.
  • Giving blood on regular basis keeps away cancer related diseases.
  • Liver’s health remains stable when a person donates blood.
  • Donating blood reduces mental stress and keeps donor emotionally calm.
  • Body system reproduce fresh blood cells accordingly after every donating cycle.
  • Regular donation of blood removes unnecessary amount of iron from body.
  • Donating blood helps in improving proper blood flow throughout the body.
  • If someone wants to lose extra weight, then donating blood may serve well.
  • Person gets free medical analysis of overall blood system before donating.
  • Last but not least, a person who donates blood lives long and healthy.
Blood Donation

Disadvantages of Blood Donation:

There are very rare and temporary disadvantages of donating blood as compare to its need and advantages.

  • Painful insertion of needle in arm.
  • Temporary feeling of nausea and dizziness right after donation.
  • Some sort of physical weakness for some hours.
  • Sometimes blood continues to bleed even after needle is removed, but it happens rarely.
  • Temporary swelling and spots on specific area where lab person inserts needle.
  • Chances of minor infection from medical instruments, in case they are of low grade standard.

Donating blood is completely a healthy activity and the most significant aspect is to give someone’s a new ray of life with your drops of blood. Because noting is more valuable than saving a life in danger. Only a single pint of donated blood can save life of three persons. People should not hesitate from donating blood, without any doubt it’s totally safe and secure. Beauty of humanity is in helping each other during ups and downs.

The Blood Community:

So here at end of article, i would proudly like to share a social initiative “Blood Community” by Codematics Inc. as a corporate social responsibility. This is a platform which directly connects donor and receiver with each other during emergency circumstances. The Blood Community is totally a non-profit organization having chain of more than 20,000 registered members on application. As well as this community is headed by Leads and Ambassadors belonging to their specific area. Working 24/7 on their mission for sake of humanity without any personal interest or benefit. Currently the blood community is working only in Pakistan with mission of spreading this social service in other countries of world soon. We prioritize social and moral contribution over any other thing. Because when there is humanity there is every thing. Social and download links for The Blood Community are mentioned below.

Website Link: The Blood Community

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