Data Privacy, a most highlighted topic in modern time-zone of technological world.

The word Data Privacy is not just a word only, its a most valuable asset and right of every single individual. From the last few decades technological journey is successfully achieving the milestone of its development phases. Things have become more advanced and automated beyond the limits. But there are several concerns in parallel to these achievements and success score. Because along with technological development, cyber-crime ratio is also increasing. This alarming issue is exposing flaws and drawback of various security policies relevant to personal data and technology.

So let’s have a look into several factors relating Cybercrime and data breach in detailed manner.

What is Cybercrime.?

“An illegal or criminal act using computer and network connection as main tool to hit down user personal data is called Cybercrime”. Any single person or group of individuals may be victim of this malicious attack. We can consider spamming, hacking, phishing, Dos attacks, SQL code injection, hate content, financial loss, stealing business secrets, bank transactions, ATM fraud, drug trading, pirated content and many more as examples of this crime.

Cyber-criminals access your system network, breach its security walls and then steal whatever they want. That’s all now you are a victim of their tactical attack. But its not that much simple as it seems to be, there is a broad and experienced mind setup behind this game. Such criminals have a strong grip and control over the technological tools by every aspect to avoid identity and detection of source . Cyber-warfare is implement to generate money by negative means or to harm victims reputation physically or psychologically.

Data Privacy

Types of Cyber Attacks:

There are various types of cyber attacks, we are going to discuss major among them.


Secret Hijacking of victim’s browser or smart phone to undertake online access of financial operations. Criminals use cryptocurrency software (mining) in combination with JavaScript coding to secure financial transctions from target machine. While victim remains unaware of all the happening on his device. Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital currency method used as medium of exchange to safeguard financial transactions.

Cyber Extortion:

A Category of cyber attacks in which cyber-criminals target victim with threats and blackmailing. Regarding his personal data, reputation and other secrets. While demand money or any other thing in return according to their personal favor and interest. So they bound their target under psychological control.

Credit card Fraud:

When a cyber-criminal steals bank information of an account holder (credit/debit card) to make fund transactions and purchases from his account is termed as debit/credit card fraud. It may be physical stealing of credit card or online theft of information. This type of cyber attack is most common among the other types.

Cyber Espionage:

When an attacker targets any government entity or organization to steal or destroy its confidential data and workstation through online sources is called cyber espionage. This sort of crime is also termed as cyber spying and usually anti government bodies are involve in this malicious act. Other than that anti military aspects can also be linked with cyber espionage attack.

DDos Attacks:

DDos stands here for a Distributed Denial of Service which badly exploits operating system and its tools. It is a type of cyber attack in which series of effected systems with torjan virus are use to target a single machine. Purpose behind the DDos attack may be traffic attack where server become overloaded causing website crash. Other than that they can target bandwidth and application sources to interrupt network globally.

Data Privacy

How to protect Data Privacy from cyber attacks?

There are two sides to every story, similarly technological advancements have some risky factors along with its benefits and ease of life. So it may not be possible to completely avoid these circumstances. Fear of being trapped by cyber attacks will always remain a concern in minds of people. However some safety measures can be implement in both public and private sector to ensure maximum data protection and privacy against this terrifying mystery.

  • Quick Response Force for cybercrime management.
  • End to End encryption of every secret data and information.
  • Awareness and training workshops on cyber attack and its precautionary measures.
  • Strong database of passwords with regular changes.
  • To avail cyber attack insurance policy.
  • Anti-spy software on every operating system.